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Glyder Dog Story: Meet Kaleko

16 May 2024
Glyder Dog Story: Meet Kaleko

As we move into another season, we are excited to feature our Glyder community with another inspirational dog story.
We appreciate everyone that participated in our Glyder Dog Survey and would love to hear your suggestions of how we can improve our community. At Glyder, we truly love our dog best friends. They truly make an impact on our lives in so many different ways.
Stay tuned for what else we have in store. 
Meet Our Dog Winner this month, Kaleko:

What is your dog’s name, age, and breed? (if known)

Kaleko, 13 months, German Sheppard mix

Tell us how you met your furry companion & why you decided to make them a member of your family.

Our friend asked us to dog sit and we fell in love. We decided to keep her after 4 days. She was 8.5 weeks old! She has been to California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. Soon Hawaii!

She has 1 sister, 2 cousins and 2 kitty relatives that she really loves! She is friends with everyone and thinks every day is the best day. 

What are some unique qualities you dog has?

Kaleko has gold eyes and a beautiful brindle color with different paw nail colors. 

She loves broccoli and carrots as treats. When she wakes up in the morning she rolls over on her back so I can give her a belly rub, she can stay like that for 15 minutes if I let her! 

Kaleko loves trail running and chasing chipmunks. She loves leaping over big rocks and fallen trees in her pursuit. She is a great jumper and can jump over 4 feet!! She loves the snow, she gets the zoomies running through the powder and stops occasionally to lick/eat the snow when she is thirsty. 

 Lastly, how has pet ownership positively impacted your life?

Kaleko gets me up and out of the house for over 3 walks a day. She helps me see new places and explore new areas of town. She keeps me warm at night and smiling all day long!