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Spotlight: Horizontal Stripes

09 Jun 2021

Eye-catching and extremely flattering, it’s no wonder why people go crazy over our striped leggings! There are so many colors and styles, you will surely find a pair that speaks to you!




High Power Legging (White/Black Stripe)


Elongate Legging (White/ Multicolor Stripe)


Sultry Leggings (Granite/ White Stripe, Crème/White Stripe)


True Leggings



Take things up a notch with other Shimmer Stripes. They’re flashy enough to turn heads, and subtle enough to work with any outfit and occasion!


Sultry Leggings (Shimmer Stripe)



Striped designs are not just limited to our full-length leggings. If you prefer slightly less coverage, we still have plenty of 7/8 and capri length styles!


Farther 7/8


Angle Crop


Vital 7/8


Dream Catcher Crop

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