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The Pre-New Year’s Resolution

09 Jun 2021
The emergence of the New Year represents change and rebirth. People take the holidays to enjoy and reflect on the year that is coming to an end and get ready to take on the year ahead. I consider the transition from fall to winter be the real “New Year,” since it seems that most of us are empowered by the season of celebration and gratitude to make things happen. The promises I make to myself seem to be better kept when my intentions reflect the changing seasons, rather than the simple knowledge that it is the beginning of a new year.
This does not mean changing just for the sake of change. A better word is “grow” or “transform.” Think of any sort of reservation you have about yourself or a long-term goal that you want to continue to move towards. It can be as simple as wanting to gain a more positive mindset. That was my focus a few winter seasons ago, and it’s a great place to start because it initiates a domino effect. I started with positive affirmations in the morning, and writing down the things I was excited about in the near future to keep me going through the days that were less than exciting. These two changes got me into more of a forward-looking state of mind, which in turn allowed me to put the past behind me more than I had before and forgive myself for the things I could no longer change. By the time January arrived, I was able to face the post-Holiday blues with a confidence that I had never had before. This small pre-New Year resolution became a life changer, and I didn’t even realize it until a year had passed and I reflected on how much happier I felt over all.
I encourage you to begin to think about how you want to grow as we move into the Holiday season. If you’ve always felt like your New Year’s Resolutions are empty promises, maybe you simply need a head start.

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