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Why Plant Trees?

09 Jun 2021




Trees absorb CO2 and other gases that pollute the atmosphere, and release more oxygen into the air. In fact, one acre of trees removes enough CO2 from the atmosphere to offset the amount of CO2 emitted by a car that has driven 26,000 miles. Long story short, trees are the natural air filters our atmosphere so desperately needs! 



Much like they do for the air, trees purify the soil beneath them and replace toxins with nutrients. They also reduce the runoff of soil, making for stronger ground that promotes biodiversity and successful agriculture. 

Trees are an excellent aid in cleaning and saving water. They catch rainfall which reduces runoff of stormwater into our oceans and acts as a giant filter, so the water that does reach oceans and lakes is free of harmful pollutants. 



From the necessities they provide to the effects on our mental health, and the humanitarian benefits are so vast it is virtually impossible to corral them into one list. 


One of the major impacts that tree planting initiatives have is that they provide work for people who need it most. Eden Reforestation Projects operate their tree planting programs in many developing nations and impoverished communities. Their reforestation efforts provide local communities with opportunities for employment, so those living in poverty can afford daily necessities. Not to mention that the trees planted in these areas provide food and resources, promoting agriculture and vitalizing economies!
There are also countless benefits trees provide in our day to day lives. Their presence in neighborhoods, our backyards, and outside our windows is correlated with less stress and mental strain. Studies show that cities with more trees have lower rates of crime and violence and a stronger sense of community. Basically, we are happier, safer, and more productive when we have access to trees!